In  2005, Jenny, started Laughing Matters Theatre Company to raise money for charity.   These plays, readings, and events  have raised more than $50,000 so far!  Jenny now produces independently and with colleagues, while Laughing Matters Theatre Company focuses on classes and workshops.  For productions and readings prior to March, 2018, click the link below.

Laughing Matters Theatre Company

Produced by Jenny

The company.  Photo by East Cherry.

Dear Evan Hansen in Concert

Produced and directed by Jenny Mitchell, this event raised money for teenage mental health and suicide prevention.  All proceeds were donated to, Kids Help Phone, and The Lachlan Thomson Legacy Fund.    Musical director - Peter Abando.  Advisor - Janet Gigliotti.  Starring Matt Montgomery, Mark Dozlaw, Meghan Gardiner, Miranda McDougall, Jonathan Winsby, Jennifer Copping, Max Kim, and Katherine Matlashewski, with support from Cailin Taverner, Britt Bailey, Thomas Chan, Byron Abando, and Stanley Tsang.  Volunteers -  Dylan Mitchell-Gash, Evan Mitchell-Gash, Max Richards, Max Pietrzyk, Ariana Oakley, and Jennifer Kasun.  Special thanks to Callum Gunn at East Cherry for photography, and The Arts Club Theatre for venue support.  And much gratitude to Justin Paul and Benj Pasek for granting the exclusive rights to their songs for this event.  June, 2018.

July 4th, 2018

Songs and Stories, Love and Hope

Produced by Jenny Mitchell and Meghan Gardiner, with Janet Gigliotti, this epic concert raised several thousand dollars for Kids in Need of Defense, and Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society.  Performances by Nyla Carpentier, Jenn Griffin, Chelsea Rose, Zofia Musiej, Katrina Reynolds, Eric McCormack, Amanda Tapping, MacKenzie Porter, Dawn Pemberton, Odessa Shuquaya, Omari Newton, Paul Kinman, Bernard Cuffling, Dave Deveau, Elaine Avila, Kari Grunberg, Meghan Gardiner, Matt Montgomery, Mark Dozlaw, Jennifer Copping, Jonathan Winsby, Max Kim, Katherine Matlashewski, Kevin Michael Cripps, Janet Gigliotti, Jolene Bernardino, Graham Verchere, Toby Verchere, Jaime MacLean, Taylor McKee, Monica Sumulong, and Ben Parker.  Volunteers: Ariana Oakley, Jennifer Kasun, Paige Fraser and Lucy McNulty.  Special thanks to The Arts Club Theatre for their venue support.  July, 2018.

Alison Wandzura, Rob LaBelle, Stephen Lobo, David Lewis, and Diana Bang.  March, 2018

What We're Up Against

A reading of Theresa Rebeck's timely play, with funds donated to Atira Women's Resource Society. Starring Alison Wandzura, Rob LaBelle, Stephen Lobo, David Lewis, and Diana Bang. Thanks to XY Lounge for venue support.  

March, 2018


The Cake

A sweet, funny play by Bekah Brunstetter, with proceeds going to A Loving Spoonful.  Starring Nicola Cavendish, Allan Morgan, Marci T. House, Bob Frazer, and Jenny Mitchell.  Thank-you to The Cultch for venue support and to FOH rockstar, Ariana Oakley.  May, 2018.


Red Velvet

A reading of Lolita Chakrabarti's brilliant play, with all proceeds to PAL Vancouver. Starring Austin Eckert, Luisa Jojic, Patrick Sabongui, Jennifer Copping, Bernard Cuffling, Kyra Zagorsky, Christina Sicoli, Daniel Arnold, Brenda Crichlow, Giacomo Baesatto, Emma Johnston, and Chase  Sander.  Thanks to The Cultch for venue support, and to FOH rockstar, Ariana Oakley.   April, 2018.



Mike Bartlett's haunting script, read by two Vancouver powerhouses, P. Lynn Johnson and Rekha Sharma.  All proceeds to Beauty Night Society.  Thanks to FOH super-volunteer, Jennifer Kasun, and to the XY Lounge for venue support.  September, 2018.


The Hangmen

Martin McDonagh's hilarious and haunting play, read by some of Vancouver's finest actors, including Dean Paul Gibson, Jennifer Lines, David M. Adams, Andrew Wheeler, Raugi Yu, Ming Hudson, Todd Thomson, Chris Cochrane, Ashley O'Connell,  Paul Herbert, and Mark Gash.  All proceeds to WISH Drop-in Centre.  Thanks to FOH volunteer, Katherine Matlashewski, and to the XY Lounge for venue support.  October, 2018.


Three Times Three

New plays written by Vancouver playwrights Dave Deveau, Lucia Francine, and Benjamin Ratner.  Starring Dave Deveau, Rae Takaesu, Sarah Watson, Laara Sadiq, Ben Cotton, Christina Jastrzembska, Katey Hoffman, Hamza Faoud, Jay Brazeau, Alison Wandzura, William MacDonald, Justin Elliott Ramsey,  All proceeds to the Arts Club Theatre's LEAP Playwriting Intensive for Young Writers.  Thanks to FOH volunteer, Katherine Matlashewski, and to the XY Lounge for venue support.  

November, 2018.